Turn any image into a Tintype – using the same historic Wet-Plate Collodion process we shoot onsite.

The Virtual Tintype Photo-Booth uses the historic wet-plate collodion process to create unique Tintypes from existing images. To participate purchase a commission – submit your image and mailing address via email confirmation – receive your unique 4″×5″ Tintype in the mail 1-2 weeks later. Great opportunity to produce sharp tintype images of small children, pets, or other subjects that would normally move and cause blur in the image during an in person Tintype sitting.

Step 1.
Purchase a 4″x5″ Tintype commission using the PayPal link on the website. If PayPal is not preferable please email or call to set up another payment option and book your commission. / 207-553-0740

Step 2.
You will receive a booking confirmation email from AgNO3Lab once your payment has been processed. The confirmation email will ask you to submit your image and mailing address.

Step 3.
We get to work in the darkroom mixing chemicals and wielding light as we produce your Tintype. Turn around time at this moment is 1-2 weeks.

Step 4.
Receive your submitted image as a 4″x5″ Tintype in the mail. Shipping is via USPS and is included in the price of the commission. All works are varnished and archival.


4×5 Tintype / Virtual Photo-Booth

Unique 4″x5″ Tintype produced with your image using the historic wet-plate collodion process via our Virtual Photo-Booth. Once payment has been received you will be contacted via email to submit your image.


Tips / Suggestions / Ideas

  1. AgNO3Lab can accept an image in any file format.
  2. The image you provide will be directly translated into the Tintype process. Small file sizes that are blurry or pixelated on your phone or computer will translate with the same feel and affects.
  3. Images shot on an iPhone work perfectly.
  4. When making a portrait think about the background and the camera angle. Consider avoiding dramatic angles of view and busy backgrounds. Look for neutral background patterns like the side of a building or some leafy bushes etc..
  5. Perfect for kids, pets, or other types of images where the subject is likely to move during an in person Tintype sitting. The Virtual Tintype Photo-Booth translates an image where motion has already been stoped into a Tintype.
  6. I am developing this NEW aspect of AgNO3Lab on a daily basis. More size options are being worked on now. Skys the limit it terms of this process – excited to see what can be made!

Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.