Cole Caswell
Technology and mobile data are shifting the way we perceive and interact with the world. This technologically influenced perception effects our interactions with the world around us [the landscape] by increasing the speed of one's intake, and by enabling a person to look at numerous landscapes at one time. With an abundance of data one can also view a singular landscape in multiple incommensurable forms. Digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, GPS etc, simultaneously ask us to consider and engage the landscape’s present state from a radically new technological vantage point of temporal tracings.

Using technology and mobile data I engage and record the contemporary landscape through a practice, which considers the evolution of the landscapes conditions. Re-appropriated tools, technologies, and systems [GPS tracking systems, multi-perspective sampling procedures, augmented clothing design, and Photographic data collection] help to explore the space between human perception of the land and the land's actual state(s). A constant curiosity in regards to this space pushes my work into an intricate play between social and geological landscape; this exploration is framed within the arc of a historic photographic perception and its contemporary transversal shiftings.